Head to head with Scott Eldridge from Eldo Web Design Ltd

July 12th 2021

Eldo Web Design are a bespoke website design company. They dedicate their powers to helping you & your business look good and thrive on the internet.

We spoke to Scott Eldridge from Eldo Web Design, about what Eldo Web Design are working on now, the future ambitions for their company and what they like most about being based at Fareham IC!

1.How did you start your company?

Eldo Web Design started as a part-time setup alongside my 9-5 job working for Apple. Over the years, as the business grew and grew, it became clear that this was something I could take full time.
One resignation and a giant leap of faith later, I took it full time as a limited company, running from a spare room in my home.
Just nine months later, we were here at the Innovation Centre. Five years later and a few internal office swaps, we are now a team of four and going strong.

2.What are you working on at the moment?

Where do we start?! We always have lots of projects on the go as they can take weeks to months to complete. We are currently working on projects for companies in various industries. From the space sector, cleaning industry, dog training, construction and more.

3.What do you like about Fareham Innovation Centre?

It’s clean and professional. Clients love coming here, and more importantly, so do we.
It’s a friendly, relaxing atmosphere, and the team are super helpful.
It’s essential that we can focus on the tasks ahead, and being in such a hassle-free environment plays a crucial part in this. There is no need to worry about extra bills, maintenance etc.
The other occupants are great too. We have built websites for over half a dozen companies that work here in the last few of years which is fantastic.

4.What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

After a bizarre year and a half dealing with lockdowns and such, our focus right now is stability and growth.
We are now in one of the larger corner offices of FIC and have room to add a couple more staff to the team, which we hope to do before the year is out.
We have also entered some fascinating sectors in the last year that we hope to thrive in going forward.

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