Euro Flight Training Ltd

February 25th 2019

Euro Flight Training was set up to provide training to pilots from the beginning to advanced level. We operate both here at Lee-On-Solent and at our French base in Perpignan near the Pyrenees.

To supplement our flying training, we are installing two modern simulators, giving pilots the experience of scenarios that would be either very difficult or dangerous to attempt in the air. As well as training we will also be giving the public access to our simulators, so they can experience what it is like to fly an aircraft without ever leaving the ground!

We spoke to Charlie Salter, Jet Safety Manager along with Directors Simon Bailey and Stefan Auer, to see how the company was started, what they are currently working on and how they are finding Fareham Innovation Centre so far.

1.How did you start your company?

We saw an opportunity to combine the quality and skillset of a UK flying school with the weather from the Mediterranean. This provides students with a high level of training with both bases, but the opportunity to fly where the weather is more reliable and generally hotter! The added bonus of France having great food and an amazing local culture, plus being 10 minutes from the beach.

2.What are you working on at the moment?

We currently have two flight simulators being installed at the centre here, with plans to not only use them for training purposes for our school and others, but also to allow members of the public to come and experience flying without leaving the ground. Some background on the sims; They are manufactured in Austria and assembled in Germany, by taking a real aircraft fuselage from the production line and modifying it for simulator use. Hence this means that they are as close to reality as one can get. We also have a second base in Perpignan, which is one of the southern cities in France. It provides excellent weather all year round for our students to train in, with the same aircraft and instructors that are found at the base here at Solent.

3.What do you like about Fareham Innovation Centre?

The range of different companies within the centre allows great opportunities. The location right alongside Solent Airport is great for us being a flying school as we can base our aircraft there.

4.What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

We would like to develop the school into a medium sized school with all the facilities that a Commercial school can offer but aimed mainly at the Private Pilot.

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