Psion Consulting

January 25th 2017

How a Fareham Innovation Centre resident created a solution that has the potential to save millions of pounds on maintenance costs in a range of sectors.

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, with technology driving business change in ways thought impossible only a few years ago, Psion Consulting is well positioned to help companies capitalise on innovation. Initially working from home, Paul watched Fareham Innovation Centre being built just a few hundred metres away and knew that his business would benefit from a vibrant working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs.

"As a micro business, the support I’ve had from the team at Fareham Innovation Centre has been superb from day one. Key benefits include networking and the business support I’ve received from Richard May, the in-house innovation director. Richard provides one-to-one advice on tactics and sense-checks my marketing strategy.”

Paul Dawson, Director, Psion Consulting.

With 3-D modelling and real-time reporting, Paul’s at-risk management software, using a traffic light system, identifies what cracks in structures require urgent attention or can be left alone for the time being because they are not mission-critical. Paul’s digital solution could effectively save clients millions of pounds in unnecessary workshop repairs without compromising on safety.

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