Chemical Design

January 25th 2017

How Fareham Innovation Centre became the new home of a pioneering web design agency.

Chemical Design, owned by Stephen Smith, is the latest firm to sign up at the four-desk office, which is one of 24 offices and 15 workshops at Fareham Innovation Centre. They have been established on the South Coast since 2002, delivering first-class design solutions that are supported by the latest technological developments and responsive to the latest trends.

"Sharing office space makes commercial sense on all fronts and there is the positive social aspect as well. Home-working can be lonely whereas there is lots of interaction with people here – you feel you are very much part of something exciting and fulfilling”

Stephen Smith, Chemical Design

The web design agency’s work includes the interface for an online seafaring learning course by Splash Sea School and the website for Go Skydive, a skydiving company which operates out of an airfield near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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